Origins Original Skin™ Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb

Living in a permanently warm environment and having oily skin means that keeping the sweaty sheen at bay is a constant battle! I was really disappointed recently after reading a great review of the MAC Oil Control Lotion from Rachael over at Helpless Whilst Drying that sounded like it might be the perfect weapon in the fight, to find that it isn’t available at all here in Thailand – gutted… but it’s on the list to get when I’m back in the UK in the summer! Anyway, it sent me on a mission to find something that might do a similar job.

A quick google for mattifying moisturisers led me to the Origins Original Skin™Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb (£27.00), a brand I knew was readily available in Bangkok. Here is what Origins say about it:

Get a gorgeous glow and fresh finish with this lush water cream. It instantly hydrates and perfects, so skin is primed to go bare or better accept your makeup. Formulated with Pink Rock Rose and Willowherb, it helps boost glow, refine texture, even tone and minimize pores for a soft, smooth feel and a positively luminous look.

Now, I obviously haven’t tried the MAC Oil Control Lotion so I can’t make any comparisons but I’ve been using the Origins Matte Moisturizer for a few months and really love it. It is a thick gel consistency that feels a little zingy on the skin and is perfect for daytime. It absorbs into the skin easily, leaving pores looking smaller and skin matte yet totally hydrated providing an ideal base for makeup. The only downside for me is the lack of an SPF but I add a base on top that contains sunscreen so I don’t mind too much. I think over the course of a day, I definitely see a difference in my skin when I’m wearing this.

Origins say this is for any skin type and I’m sure it is but if you have skin on the oilier side and are looking for a day moisturiser that can prevent a little of the slickness, give this one a try!


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  1. Ooh, I haven’t heard of this! Do you use it in place of a primer? I use the MAC Oil Control as a moisturiser and primer in one. The gel consistency sounds really interesting – very different to MAC’s thin cream.

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    1. I’ve been using this as a primer/moisturiser too! I need to get my mitts on that MAC lotion in the summer!! X

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  2. Joy says:

    Nice review! I will definitely try it out because my t-zones are quite oily!!

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    1. Definitely give it a go, I love it! X

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  3. oooooh girl you’re a lifesaver! I have annoyingly oily skin and I’m always on the lookout for things to keep it in check xx

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  4. DGGYST says:

    Ive only ever tried the time lotion and strobe from mac and they are both fantastic! I do love the origins brand but didnt know they made a mattyifying moisturizer!

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    1. Ooo what else from Origins do I need in my life?! X


  5. I have the same battle in Shanghai in the summertime so will check this out! Have you found a good foundation brand that works well with this moisturizer?

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    1. I use a CC cream with an SPF like Your Skin but Better from IT Cosmetics or Cliniques CC – both work really well with this 😊 let me know what you think if you try it! X


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